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"When I was young I used to do daydreams and wish I was other people and imagine how awesome it would be living their life and escape how awful my own childhood was and to be rich and famous and stuff and buy whatever I wanted and have loads of friends. I used to think how awesome it would be to be Jimmy Savile and have that cool chair and be on top of the pops and get to make loads of kids happy by making all their dreams come true. I used to think how fun it must have been blowing people up and stuff, like Nelson Mandela and then going to prison for years and years meaning you never had to cook your own dinner or nothing and have everyone think you were really really cool. I thought it was amazing how Chris Evans, even though he was a ginger, had loads of money and married Billie Piper. I used to think how funny Boris Johnson was and I thought he looked cool on have I got news for you. I thought wow, he would make a cool president. I thought it was cool too that Gandhi had a film made about him even though all he ever did was sit there in a loin cloth."

Such daydreaming continued lots...

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