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not ju$t a mutha

In 1976 when he was just hitting puberty, danny was kidnapped by some evil feminists (note, not all feminists are evil - some are quite fabulous).

They had been observing him for many years along with other candidates, closely monitoring his progress regarding his natural abilities of strength, empathy and intelligence. 

As he grew, they considered him to be the strongest contender and therefore took him, experimented on him, implanted him with genetic modifications, gave him drugs and shit to enhance his natural capabilities and loads of other girly feminist stuff.

However, due to a mix of his emerging latent Alpha male genes that had been bubbling away in his loins and this heady cocktail of feminist ideals, the results were not quite as expected. 

He did, as they intended, become a spokesman/woman/person-thing for their plight of feminism, but he carried it out in a rather post-ironic, post-sexist manner that led to much confusion and bitterness.

dirty frickin' details.._
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