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Danny was born a baby. At this time there were no real issues. Later, he studied stuff. By then, some issues were surfacing. After studying, more issues evolved. At some point he may most likely die. At this point many of these issues will still not have been resolved.

He grew up in West London. Whilst at university he ran away to live in a tiny village in Norfolk. Here he married and had a childling.

They had fun for a while. Then all three ran away back to his London. Once there, they did not have too much fun any more. 

A few years later he married again, and along with the childling and this second wife, ran away to Cornwall and lived on a beach. He and the other lady did not stay together that long. Then, after almost a lifetime he and the now manchild both decided to run away again back to London, this time settling in its East. And so the story continues...

He likes to pretend everything is awful. But in reality he can't really complain too much as he has been relatively happy, had many adventures and now enjoys the friendship of a lovely adult baby that he is very proud of. However this is a secret that nobody should be aware of.

He does not like the fact that he is getting older and he tries to ignore this is happening via alcohol, Frosties, chocolate, wild wild women and various other substances. Their ability to mask this fact are gradually fading though and it is not sure what the near future holds.

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